Haunted kettle....

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~max~ | 19:45 Sat 21st Feb 2009 | How it Works
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Hello! Bit of a pickle here....why does my kettle keep "clicking" when not in use, just as it does when water has boiled? It really startles me at inappropriate moments!! lol
It's plugged in, but in the "OFF" position, btw.


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Mine does this too! Always wondered why it does it as well...
LOL its the ghost of Polly - you know the one who put the kettle on?

Its the metal cooling down ya nutcase lol
...or plastic, moves with differing temperatures
Question Author
But but! I haven't used it in hours!!!
It's not the kettle, it's mice behind the fridge, pull it out and have a look.
I have no idea, I'd expect it to click once shortly after boiling when the thermostat clicks back but not to keep doing it....

But I do feel we need to know more about these inappropriate moments when it startles you?
Question Author
Do mice make clicking noises? And are they ventriloquists?

Ha! Didn't think so! *shakes head in disbelief*
I think most electrical items 'click' now and then - honest.
Question Author
It just did it again!!!!

lol Chuckie! I mean when I'm watching a horror movie, like....Ahem...
Question Author
Maybe Weeal, but...WHY????

*raises arms towards heaven* WHY???
No of course not, it's when they are gnawing away at the floorboards. When you go to check they scarper leaving you to think it was the kettle.
I feel your fear lol
searching google as you type,

eg. 'exorcism for small household appliances'
Question Author
I'm not buying your theory Gormless. I might have to install a hidden video device in there.....
Juggerling will know the answer - where IS SHE????

Question Author
Now, an exorcism could be the answer Weeal! I don't wanna seem over-dramatic but....IT FREAKS ME OWWWWWWWT!!!
Sancte M�chael Arch�ngele, def�nde nos in pro�lio contra nequ�tiam et ins�dias di�boli esto pr�s�dium. Imperet illi Deus, s�pplices deprec�mur: tuque, princeps mil�ti� c�l�stis, S�tanam ali�sque sp�ritus mal�gnos, qui ad perditi�nem anim�rum pervag�ntur in mundo, div�na virt�te, In inf�rnum detrude. Amen

that ^ may just work
Question Author
Do I have to put on a costume, for realism?

I wouldn't mind a costume.
Now ^ that's an answer, weeal!!

How are you, hon?
Question Author
Do you mind Lie-in-king? I have a kitchen crisis on my hands here!!! *sulks*
MR KINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Im fine, thank you, how are you ya handsome devil?

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Haunted kettle....

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