Hand operated water pump for washing a bike

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GreenHenry | 23:48 Tue 17th Feb 2009 | How it Works
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I want to be able to wash my motorcycle using a stream of water like you get from a hosepipe, but there is no access to running water where I keep the bike. I can carry buckets of water there easily, and want to buy a stirrup pump or similar so that I can spray the water from the bucket onto the bike. The pump would produce modest pressure and deliver 10 litres in a minute or two. I've spent some very frustrating time on chandlery sites etc, but all the hand pumps are for inflating with air or else have to be held in place. I would want one hand free, and am after something like a WW2 fire pump, I think. Anyone know of such a thing?


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Sounds daft but have you seen how powerful some of the kids water pistols are these days? xlr-water-cannon mini-water-cannon
i saw, on one of those infomercials on tv, a hand car washer, that you filled a bucket, attached a tube, then shook the nozzle head, that created quite a powerful was a standard bucket, but you maybe able to atach a larger one ...sorry i dont remember the name, but a google search may help
I have one of the things Joko mentioned.

You look an idiot at first trying to get the water to siphon, but washing a whole car with one bucket is pretty impressive.

I may have got mine from QVC years ago, but try to find one of those places that sells all kinds of supposedly useless stuff (catalogue, net etc) and you might find one.
I think Joko and Postdog mean a 'Jiggle Syphon'
Here's one link but there's loads, just google or Ebay it. 1

Good Luck
You can get them cheaply from Argos and garden centres, most have adjustable nozzles. er/7218053/Trail/searchtext%3EGARDEN+SPRAYER.h tm

Oh and a god tip, paint the whole canister bit black and leave out in the sun to have nice ( free !) warm water !
Try this one from QVC it has everything you need to wash a car or even a large van with just one bucket of water............ ail/params.item.512699/walk.yah.UKGD-U083

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Hand operated water pump for washing a bike

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