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dan no1 | 21:17 Sun 08th Feb 2009 | How it Works
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When you put in a prescription at the chemist, why does it take so long for it to be ready?



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longer than what?
ah, so long
how longs long?
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more than 10 minutes!!!!
less than _ minutes?
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not less than anything!!! i may sound ignorant here (but this is why i'm asking the question) but to me its seems like a 'get off the shelf and label it up' kind of an exercise so why does it sometimes take 20-30 minutes?
Maybe the chemist has a huge stack of other prescriptions that need to be filled and which s/he received before you arrived....

My chemist doesn't take long to sort my stuff out but if there is anything new on the script, s/he always checks my history for contra-indications (which the GP has hopefully already done) but I'd rather have a double check than none at all.
I don't think it's a case of the folk at the chemists just waiting for folk to come in. There are folk who have repeat prescriptions so they have to be prepared and checked before they are dispensed. Some folk can have a dozen or more separate tablets or medicines to take. When you hand in the prescription you are only one of many to be seen to and if there are others before you then those will have to be done before you.
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I understand now. I didnt even think about repeat prescriptions for people etc etc
I think you're going to the wrong chemist! unless mine is really busy, they pick the item, label it, charge me a fortune, then we're done!
Doctors' surgeries all open at round about the same time. If you take a prescription there straight from the surgery, there is likely to be a bit of a queue of other people who have come from your surgery and possibly some others. Take it along a couple of hours later and you probably won't have to wait long at all.
Also, bear in mind that a chemist's job is full of risks. They will check constantly that you are being given the right product, at the right strength and with the right dosage instructions printed on it. I for one would rather wait 20 - 30 minutes and know it's right, rather than accept something from somebody who's stressed and hurrying and may make a mistake.
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Hah! I tried that at our ( old) chemist...drop in script and tell them I will pick up on next day.........go back next day and then have to wait 10 mins while they do it .....I think it's a ploy to get me to buy useless chemist-y things....oh that a nice box of corn plasters....I have some.
As well as repeat prescriptions, dont all prescriptions need to be checked by a second "chemist" before being given out to verify they are correct?

As others have said, I would rather they did not rush. Giving out the wrong tablets to a person could easily be fatal, if the person is alergic to them, or they react badly to some other medication they are taking.

Better to be safe than sorry.
I don't think they have to be checked as such - but if the person making them up is unqualified then a qualified pharmacist has to check them.

Not that a check isn't a good idea anyway.
yes they are checked twice by pharnacists, well in mine they do, they check it against the prescription, to make sure you have the right stuff and dosage
AFAIK an unqualified person is not to even supposed to count pills for a script. Any conflict with other medicines should be notes by the doctor, not the chemist. We had a conscientious pharmacist for years and always got fast service. Mall got revamped, business got sold to one of those upmarket *****s and now everyone wears a uniform and the service had been slowed down (to my mind mind on purpose for the reason as per Naomicorlett) and we now go to another chemist a bit further but there you get a smile and a chat with the counter staff if you need to wait. You can see your script being done in the background so you know you are not waiting until they finished their cuppa before your custom becomes important..

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