Hanging a dart board in a rented house

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what..the? | 12:55 Mon 24th Nov 2008 | How it Works
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Step aside DIY dumb ass coming through!!!!

Yes I can confirm DIY is not my strongest point, and yes I live in a rented house and want a dart board all points that dont go well together.

I have looked at freestanding dart boards (i.e on a stand) but these wobble lol which is just stupid really.

So I know the measurements like how high to hang the board and distance to stand from the board, and I plan to get a back board either in the form of a ring that fits round the board to enlarge the board size, or a actual large notice board to hang behind.

But being in a rented house I dont want to damage the walls, I dont know how to hang anything, some walls seem to be brick inside and other sound hollow, I asume I would need say one screw/nail if hanging just a board with a ring round the outside but two screws/nails if I am hanging a big notice board??

Should I choose I brick wall and drill in? I only have a dremmel mutli tool, I worry I need to drill and put in a plastic plug thing and then screw in???? When I move out the property should I just push filler in the hole and a dab of matching paint??

Thanks in advance


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What I'd suggest you do is get a very large bit of wood from a DIY shop like homebase, then nail the dartboard to that.
Then, prop the whole piece of wood up against a wall. You therefore don't have to drill a hole in the wall, and you have a nice big bit of wood surrounding the dartboard to protect the wall.

It could get very messy trying to get your deposit back from your landlord when you move out and there are a load of holes in the wall from stray darts (and beleive me, landlords / letting agents will try and hold on to your money ANY way they can - don't give them any excuses).
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thanks for the advice littlest
A large board is great, but.....I bet you get darts in the ceiling!
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lol you been sneaking a peek at my dart playing!

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Hanging a dart board in a rented house

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