diesel - reluctant to start in cool weather

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Mattk | 14:40 Sat 25th Sep 2004 | How it Works
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I own an L reg cavalier diesel.It is getting to the time of year where i struggle to start it ! it doesnt like cooler turns over for ages,belching loads of white smoke before springing into life.i have had the exhaust checked so there is no loss of back-pressure.does anyone have any clues or advice ? i could always hand it in to a garage but dont want to pay large amounts for them to track the problem down - i would much rather know the problem then hand it in !!!!!!!!!


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Could just be a knackered glow plug if it's running okay once it's actually started and warmed up. Pretty cheap to replace too!
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thx - i'll try it !
Could it just be the battery? I have a 2.8 diesel which always starts first pull -- except when the battery's poor. Then it chugs over for ages without starting.
Replace glow plugs or try turning the ignition on, wait until the glow plug light goes out then turn it off and on again. Repeat three times for Vauxhalls.
I presume it may be down to science. ie. the boiling point of diesel. Let me explain. As it gets colder, the diesel becomes more viscous.(if you heat it to its boiling point, it will become a gas) When a substance is viscous, its particle size becomes greater and therefore it is harder to ignite. Basically, you will just need to be patient. Or change to a petrol car, it is easier to ignite. Also am i correct in assuming that a glow plug is a spark plug? If it is then diesel engines dont have spark plugs.

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diesel - reluctant to start in cool weather

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