Oven Door Has Just Shattered...NARDI

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maggiemcgill | 20:04 Wed 08th Oct 2008 | How it Works
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YIKES!!! Can anyone explain what has happened to my oven door? Made by Nardi, I think?

The door is made of glass (possibly 2 panels) and whilst placing my tea towel gently on the handle the glass broke up in to a thousand pieces!!!
Most of the glass is still in place, think-beaten up public telephone box or bus shelter and you should get the idea.

I have NOT used the oven for about 18 hours, so it wasn't hot and as said I put the towel on the handle, when I turned my back I could hear a crackling sound, similar to crackling ice or rice crispies but much louder.
Can anyone give an explanation as I find this very STRANGE!

Someone is coming out to see it as I have only had it for just over a year, but I'm totally baffled as to what has happened.


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Thes doors are made of toughened glass. That's what happens when they are put under too much stress. Car windscreens used to do the same thing before the advent of laminated glass.
Can't say what caused the stress.
Never heard of a Nardi - but suspect it is cheaper product? - and if so, glass is probably made to an inferior spec than say a Neff.
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Thanks for the reply buildersmate,
Nardi are an Italian firm but the oven was purchased local firm, obviously...which is a reputable company and long I felt fine buying from them...I should also point out...not dear but, not cheap...keep ya posted!

Exact same thing happened to mine a few months ago, maggie. Got a complete new oven through house contents insurance x
I work for electrolux and reason this happens is very simple. The glass itself in most cases of this happening has received a knock or bang when in transit. This then creates a slight weakness in the glass. Over time with the constant heating and cooling the glass expands and contracts until at some point the weakness in the glass gives into this causing the door to shatter into a million pieces
it also has nothing to do with cheaper models, I see it every week with even top of the range models. I would phone the manufacturer though as in the case of Electrolux they will cover a new door and the fitting of it. It has became their policy to do this after some people have been injured due to this happening.
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Thank you ALL for the replies; especially PLIVELY34, my mind can now rest a little with out the fear of my complete oven bursting into flames!

I went to the place I bought it from, who rang the manufactures and was told that it would be a 24 hour response. After the time had passed & then some, I rang up & was told that the 24 hour thing was reporting to the engineer, not the actual call out

I rang the not have the door in stock, but are willing to send an engineer out on Monday to check it out, but as stated�they do not have a door in stock and don�t know when!!!

Can I keep my takeaway receipts in recompense...highly doubtful ;0)

NARDI Customer far as I'm concerned, in the immortal words of JIM ROYLE, MY ARSE!
There is a pretty comprehensive survey about this matter on this link Looks like it is a reasonably rare thing but scary when things go wrong!

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Oven Door Has Just Shattered...NARDI

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