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tony.capelin | 19:57 Wed 03rd Sep 2008 | How it Works
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My neighbour has a large eucalyptus tree sited next to our boundary fencing. The branches of the tree overhang my apples trees. The apples trees appear to be dying. Is it possible the sap or whatever given off when the eucalyptus tree is washed by rain could poison the apples trees?


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Answerbank has a section called Home and Garden, and within that a section called Gardening, may be best to ask the question in there.

From my experience these trees are not really suitable for an English garden. They can grow 6 feet or more a year and soon become giant trees.

See if you can have a nice word with your neighbour and ask if they will replace it with another more suitable tree.
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Thank you "vehelpfulguy" It was not really my intention to post the question with the How it works! I take your advice and will repost to the Garden topic.
Hi there, I'm no gardener, but I'm wondering whether its the roots, not the sap from the tree. When I had a surveyor for the house I was buying, his report recommended removing the young Eucalyptus, as it was planted very near the house. Apparently the roots are extremely long and cause havoc with foundations. Just maybe, if they are that bad, they might be strangling the roots of the apple trees! Hope this is of some help.

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Eucalyptus Tree

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