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roslyn251254 | 16:10 Mon 18th Aug 2008 | How it Works
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Someone has told me that set top boxes dating from before 2006 no longer work - anyone know if this is true??


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Some set top boxes don't work after the latest upgrade, most do, -thousands-of-set-top-boxes-obsolete-5a7c575.h tml
Untrue. I bought my parents one for Christmas 2003 and it stills works a treat.
I can't find the article now but certain boxes (not all, a small amount - a Daewoo video recorder/digital tuner was one) made before an industry standard was established, and so a few years back, will not work. 2006 should be future proof.
The boxes affected are: Daewoo models DS608P and SV900; Portland DP100; Labgear DTT100; Bush IDVCR01 and Triax DVB 2000T.

Those having problems with Daewoo and Portland boxes should call 0870 100 2525 for help. The Bush helpline is 0871 230 1777. 1/Up-250-000-TV-screens-blank-upgrade-leaves-F reeview-boxes-obsolete.html
i bought a freeview box in 2004, and it no longer works! :(

but i no longer need it now, cos i bought a new tv which is digital ready and built in freeview!! :0) x
To {try} to put this into layman's terms;

Imagine that details of each of the available channels is stored in a list inside the machine (called the NIT). This has become bigger as more channels are launched and, an upgrade to some transmitters (which will occur nationwide) means that there is now more info being broadcast about each channel - which must fit into the list.

Before the "rules" were fixed about how much space (memory) to have inside the machine to hold all this info, older design boxes only had enough space to store the information about the channels available when they were made and no spare space for new channels. They have now run out of space to keep all this extra info. This means that if you do a re-scan (or re-tune) of the channels they either don't find some channels, or don't recognise them.

The quick answer is NOT to do a rescan, as this tries to make a new list with all the new info and then the box fails. If you leave well alone then these boxes will still work, albeit maybe missing some of the newer channels. If you get a message on-screen saying "New channels are availabe, do a re-scan" always click NO, for now, until either your box maker issues new operating software or confirms it will never be fixed for your box.
pure scaremongering to get you to buy buy buy....i have an old ondigital box from the late 90s which works fine!

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set top boxes (freeview)

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