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LostSheep | 23:47 Mon 04th Aug 2008 | How it Works
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Bit of a random question here, is there a special name for dates that have the same 3 numbers repeated? Like 06/06/06 and 07/07/07 - I think you get the picture.



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Yes, they are called "Dates that have the same 3 numbers repeated, but only if you include leading zeros for the month and day, and leave out the first 2 digits of the year"
It is called a Palindrome.
thought a palindrome was when u could spell something backwards and it be the same,like 08/08/08,not80/80/80
No, they are not palindromes at all. For instance 070707 reversed is 707070. Besides, they aren't full dates - that one would be 07 07 2007.
The main reason the Chinese like 8/8/08 is that the number 8 in the Eastern world is a lucky number, it sounds similar to their word for prosper, wealth and fortune . If you've seen the HSBC ads with the car number plate 8 that gives you some idea of thier love for this number.
Look her under Chinese Numerology for more info. e_numerology

Similarly the number 4 is considered very unlucky can mean death or suffering (similar to our number 13) . When Alfa Romeo launched their 164 in the far East it was rebaged as the 168 so as not to affect sales.
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Date 08/08/08

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