Fridge temperature setting

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Panic Button | 23:47 Thu 10th Jul 2008 | How it Works
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My fridge has a wheel to set the temperature, marked from 1 to 7.

Which setting is the coldest, 1 or 7?


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i would say 7...but i guess it must vary from fridge to fridge!

mine has a scale of 1-5, and 5 was too cold (it was working like a freezer) so it's now set to 3

what make and model do you have?
highest is colder but you'll see how cold items are in the fridge. I set mine on 5 & it starts to freeze certain things, it runs fine on 4.5 setting (need to very it during hot/cold weather) because of the heat in your kitchen
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It's an small un-named built in fridge, that struggles to keep cool in hot weather.

'er indoors set it to 1, thinking it would be as cold as possible, and I got myself all confused on whether the numbers were degrees centigrade.

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Fridge temperature setting

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