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~max~ | 00:16 Thu 19th Jun 2008 | How it Works
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Hello all! this is probably a silly question, but it's bugging me a bit! I have a Panasonic Hi-fi, and when I change the volume, it comes up the opposite way on the display...

As in, if I turn it up, it goes from Vol - 50dB to say, Vol -46dB.
Vice versa when I turn it down, the numbers actually go up.

Anyone knows why?


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Have you tried turning the remote control around and trying?
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you blonde max?
Sorry, honey, it's the most helpful I can be about stuff I don't know about at 23.20 LOL xx
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lol I'm sure it's gonna be a forehead-slapping moment when I find out, but really....WHY???
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I thought my answer was logical :)
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Right, in case it helps someone out there!

I have just been told that some manufacturers do that. You just have to see it as you would a negative temperature.

-10C is colder (ie lower) than - 5C, for example, which is warmer (ie: louder).

Bloody awkward people!!! lol
Perhaps better if it had no display at all!

However the Japs seem to work on the theory that the the more flashing lights it has. the better the machine is.
That's right, you have turned it up from -50 to -46. The limit is 0db before the music starts to distort.
The negative decibels describe the attenuation not the amplification. 0db attenuation is full loudness. -50dB is represents more attenuation than -46dB.

That explains it for me too, my stereo is the same, never liked to ask before
If you turn it up it goes from -50dB to -46dB? Well -46 is greater than -50, so this is exactly what you would expect.
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Yes, thank you Rojash, but I was wondering WHY it's showing negative numbers.

I think you guys have explained it, thanks, I'll just let it go now, because my brain will fry! :O)

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Volume on hi-fi!

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