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joggerjayne | 23:58 Wed 18th Jun 2008 | How it Works
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my friend's daughter has a lava lamp.

How does it work?

No naughty answers, please.


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havent a clue jane--just came to see what you were doing in here
When it's switched on the heat will warm up the wax, which rises to the surface, by the time it's getting to the surface, that wax is cooling down so it wil start decending again, warming up again as it gets nearer the bottom.

The wax and the oil are insoluable in one another.
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Lakitu, you are so clever.

Hi, BeeJay. I'm just trying to stay out of mischief, so I thought I'd hang out in the other sections (ie not CB) for a bit.

No Sex Please, We're British
Nope, I read it in some magazine a while ago.
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But we all acquire our knowledge from somewhere, Laki.

You remembered it, so you are clever.

(no posts please about whether intelligence can consist merely of a substantial capacity for recollection, or does it require an element of analytical input)

That's true, but I would consider it to have an OK memory rather than cleverness LOL.
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So if a child remembers every single fact they are told in school and so gets straight A's ...

Or if a person can tell you the answer to every single entry entry in Wikipedia ...

.. they are just anoraks ??


Yup! ;0)

OK OK, thank you for the compliment, Jayne x
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Ur well c u m

Deffo Blonde....
plug it in

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