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Keelefarmer | 20:01 Sun 01st Jun 2008 | How it Works
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Hi, are all SLR camera lenses a uniform size/shape etc? Will any lense fit into any SLR camera or do you have to follow specific lenses for specific cameras?



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they are usually dedicated for each make and stand alone lens manufacturers like tamron make adaptors for each company
terence 7556 is right. It is better, if you can afford them, to get the lenses made for the particular camera.
I'm not sure I agree with Novalis. The lens made by Canon for example for their EOS and supplied with the standard product are not great. OK so there are a variety of more expensive lens Canon also make for it.
However the mid-priced range of lens produced by folks like Tamron and Sigma are broadly reckoned to be much better than the basic lens.
This applies to other makes of camera as well.
You need to check what mounts your SLR supports.

Nikkor lenses for Nikon cameras won't fit Canon cameras, etc.
As already mentioned, Tamron and Sigma make compatible lenses. I bought a zoom Sigma lens for my Canon and was very pleased with it. Still pleased 5 years later...

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