How much electricity?

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Savethearth2 | 04:08 Tue 08th Apr 2008 | How it Works
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Approx. how much electricity does a restaurant sigh use if its on every night. Its not one of those open signs but a big one that says the name of the reasturant.


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Depends how heavy it breathes? Is it very bored?
Sorry...I'll get my coat now... :O(
�237.39 pence
WattsX hours per day = watt-hours per day; � 1,000 = kWh per day; X energy cost per kWh = total energy cost.

a mediium sized neon is about 250watts so for 10hours and assuming a electricty cost of about 10p per KWh


or even

Aww just switch it of it would be much simpler
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Yes thats what im trying to get them to do, turn it off.
Unless it's directly shining in your window, I doubt if they will want to remove an advertising sign for 22.5p a night.

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How much electricity?

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