paint or wallpaper...?

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dan no1 | 13:54 Fri 25th Jan 2008 | How it Works
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i'm having my living room walls plastered and was wondering if it would make the living room colder if i just paint over the plastering, rather than wallpapering it.



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wallpaper is quite thin anyway unless you go for expensive thicker ones, which in a few years time you'll want to change - you could wallpaper over the old one in years to come & build up insulation!
you could always have one accent wall (wallpapered) and the rest of it painted????
In my humble opinion it would be a mistake to paper a freshly plastered wall. Not only should it have time to dry out (up to 2 years), but once papered you'll have to keep papering it. Keep it just painted and you can change colour easily as often as you like.

And no, it won't feel cold.
even emulsion can peel off new plaster work,go to a proper decorating store and buy emulsion especially made for new plaster so it can breath for a year at least
Well we have always had wallpaper but last time I painted over it. Now just doing the living room and have stripped the wallpaper and just painted the walls. It looks nice....clean and more modern now. X

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paint or wallpaper...?

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