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corrideo | 17:55 Sun 27th Jun 2004 | How it Works
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One of the weights has come off my grandmother clock. There is a little hook at the top, and a brass chain with a loop into which it goes. I have reconnected it but when I haul it up to the top, there seems no 'resistance' and if I let the chain go as usual, the weight drops back down. what am I doing wrong? thanks! (PS clock is abt 15 yrs old, westminster chime grandmother with three weights)


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it sounds like, at the least, the chain has come off of the toothed wheel inside the clock. Did the clock get knocked or fall over for the weight to come off??. you could have a look in the back to see if you can see a cog wheel that looks like it should have a chain on it, but IMHO, if you love your clock, you need to get a specialist to look at it

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