washing powder bio or non bio?

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filthiestfis | 23:41 Tue 30th Oct 2007 | How it Works
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What is the difference between biological and on biological washing powder? Which one is best for your clothes? Which one gives best results? Which one is better for the environment?


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Biological powder contains biological enzymes that are used to attack stains of a biological nature, such as blood, dirt, food.
Biological washing powder contains enzymes which break down stains etc in the wash .Non Bio doesn't contain the enzymes.
In terms of the environmental impact, neither system is perfect. Whilst the enzymes contained in a biological wash powder may take longer to disperse in the environment, the temperatures for washing can be lower than for a non-biological powder. The non-bio powder could take a higher temperature to do the same wash, which uses more electricity and water and this also has an environmental impact.
Unless you have really filthy workstuff to wash I would avoid biological powder. Makes me itch .I find them too harsh .
I use Ariel non Bio liquid for the hot wash. Towels,bedlinen and stuff and a supermarket own brand colour wash liquid for things that just need a quick wash.We don't wear our clothes day in day out these days for them to get really dirty .
Even my sons dirty work stuff comes up nice and clean with a colour wash liquid .And for really delicate stuff Dreft is good .
shaneystar that was ace!! Just what i wanted to say but dont have the articulate skills to say it!! Notice the times i said biological there!! lol!!
Bad news Shaneystar.

Look closely at the colour wash stuff.

Its biological!
I shall change forthwith to Ecover ! Booger me !
Mind you the Somerfields colour wash liquid seems good and the clothes keep their colour. and don't fade .
It's a washing powder minefield out there !
Hi there I live with a septic tank and spring water so have to use non bio stuff all the time. If you put half a cup of Soda Crystals in with non bio your whites will sparkle and your coloureds will stay coloured. Very good for the environment as well.
I found Persil non-bio the only powder I can use without either worsening my breathing or , when my boy was younger , causing eczema . x
i remember being told by an engineer that non bio is the only soap powder to use as a washing cycle doesnt go on for long enough to break down all the "things" in it to produce a proper wash
that should read all the things in a bio soap powder
If stuff is really dirty or stained, use one of the pre soakers,(Vanish, Adritt etc) that way you can use non-bio on a lower heat cycle.
Otherwise I just use non-bio as we all have crap skin in our house.
We use Ecover in our household, and its fantastic. The Bio powder and stain remover get collar and cuffs nice and white. It looks after clothes and skin, and the fabric conditioner leaves clothes really soft and smelling fresh without smelling overbearing.
Bleach is what fades colours, not the enzymes, Ecover has no bleach or optical brightners, so doesn't fade colours.
If you have dark colours, look for a detergent that doesn't contain Zeolites, they fade darks, so use liquid or programme an extra rinse.
just wonder if any of you every put your washing on an extra rinse cycle? according to Which?, the best washing machine only achived 3 star in the rinse cycle i.e. you have a lot of detergent left on the clothes--can't be good for your skin. no wonder lots of people have skin problems :P
Hello I'm trying to get my washing to smell really nice, i'm useing persil small and mighty at the moment. I noticed that i've got the non bio one I.E the blue one and my washing doesn't smell that nice to people that i see have the green one the bio. Do you think bio or none bio can make a differences to how it makes your washing smell?
I have to say that I have always found Persil Bio to be the best. My husband's work things always came out smelling musty when washed in Daz or Surf. My mum used Persil bio for years and I tried it - Bingo no more musty clothes :-)

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