Adjusting Sekonda watch strap

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shopaholic84 | 18:58 Wed 17th Oct 2007 | How it Works
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I have just bought a sekonda ladies watch which has a bracelet strap Range.view&ID=2&SubCat=8&ModelID=2 42.
It says that the links can be removed but I have no idea how to do it. Does anyone else have this model and know how to do it?


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From experience most metal watch staps have a similar design. Each link is attached to it's adjacent links via a metal bar/pin which needs to be pushed out.

You have to remember to take equal numbers of links from each side of the strap so the watch sits correctly, otherwise if you were to take say 3 links from one side of the stap either the face or the clasp would be in the wrong place on your wrist.

As I already said the links are connected to each other via metal bars/pins usually only a few links either side of the strap can be removed as if you were to remove to many the watch would not fit correctly. The links that can be removed will have two indicating marks 1)arrows on the 'inside' edge of the watch strap which tell you in which direction the bars/pins are to be removed and 2) the bars/pins within those links are visable then looking at the side of the strap i.e they are not moulded over/covered for cosmetic reasons.

With a small (pin) hammer and a pin or thin nail you can tap the bars out of the watch in the direction indicated by arrows on the inside on the watch strap and re tap them in once you have removed the correct number of links. Just remember to do it carefully as to not lose any pieces as without the pins will not be able to put it back together.

The bars which hold the clasp to the links are usually spring loaded bars which just needs a small penknife. Use the cutting edge of the knife to pull down and out at one end of a bar but be careful they tend to spring/fly out. You can also try depressing the direct end of a spring bar if it the visable and not enclosed while pulling carefully sideways to encourange it to move.

Hope this helps

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Adjusting Sekonda watch strap

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