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scoobysoo | 19:35 Tue 02nd Oct 2007 | How it Works
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I have had 4 unsolicited marketing calls in the past hour. How do I stop this? I have got a Virgin cable line


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ive recently sent letters to two home improvement companies, about tedius unsolicted calls, and have not recieved thier regualar calls for two months .......although they could still start up again !!!!! , the thing is with these two glazing companies, i had an ofice adrs , for each , for me to post a lettr two them, the company which is closest to me , i put the letter in thier post box by hand myself, and suggested if the calls continued , i may opt to personally visit the premises of this company.......the calls could still start up again.....look under TPS telephone preferential service , it may help with thier advice ,of course u may know of the TPS ...any way , they are refered to in BT phone books.
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I registered with TPS and so did my mum. Both of us still get these annoying phone calls!
If you get the calls and you're registerred there's not much you can do if they come from overseas.

You can have a bit of fun with them and say TPS and see how quickly they get off the phone or if you get boerd you can report them.

To report them you do need their details - In the past I've done my best little Englander bit and asked them "whether they're a british company" which normally gets you where they're based and who they are.

You can then report them giving the date and time of the call and they'll get a letter telling them not to do it again and if they persist they'll be prosecuted.

I normally wouldn't bother but I did it because it was a bunch of scumbags trying to scare people into buying monitorred alarm systems
If it is a woman I asked them what colour their underwear is and do they prefer thongs to knickers. In other words I start my own survey, they are paying for the call.
If you're on Virgin you can also get a service which filters-out all number withheld calls as well.
When they ask to speak to someone in particular, ask them to hold the line whilst you get them. Then simply put the phone down on the side and leave it- until they decide to ring off.
It clocks up their phone bill!
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Thanks for all of your ideas...I will definitely try your one Kos, and I have registered with the TPS now
when someone cold calls us at work and says" can i speak the managing director" i say "whos calling" and they say " `im calling abouthow to save you money on your calls " i say (in a ridiculous excited voice) "OOOOOOO thats brill, we are a multi million pound company and we are looking to purchase a new package for our 1000 offices and 34,0000 staff, i`ll put u through to John, the owner of the company" i then listen to them getting all excited and then i leave the speaker fone for 10 mins, and occasionally say to them "hang on, hes coming" he never does...............
It�s a BIG challenge. First, contact BT 150 for advice. They will help you and sign you up for the �opt-out� scheme. I gather your phone service with Virgin is for outgoing calls and not for anything else. If I�m incorrect, please accept my apologies. Unfortunately, there is a premium fee for blocking repeated calls. However, the greatest challenge our country is facing is with unsolicited calls from abroad.

Caller displays will only say that the number is either �international� or � anonymous.� Whilst I simply do not answer intentionally withheld numbers, preferring to let anyone who�s serious to leave a message, I can�t do this with international calls, due to the nature of my work.

Once you�ve ended up on one of the Asian �call lists� no matter what you say will not stop them from continuing to call you. They don�t care who answers, all they want to do is get you to agree to buying their mobile phones, or any other product they�re hawking.

It takes perseverance and determination, but I�ve successfully stopped those calls from one national Indian multi-location call centre. It�s a bit tongue in cheek, but I�ll provide you with the link. Also, we did have similar problems with the Nigerian 419 type scams, where we were called and told we had won things. I will also provide that link, which contains details for police contacts.

I wish you every success

Fr Bill

1. We�ve just won the lottery =we%27ve+just+won+the+lottery

2. Unsolicited telephone Calls =perseverance
read them both!!!! hysterical, will use that one myself as i`m nearly sick laughing!!! i love it when they give u english names when clearly they are not! u r a fine man vicar
My sister called this number to get calls to her phone stopped


(I'm sure thats the number)
I find the following a quick way to irritate them.

As soon as they start their spiel I stop them, explain i'm too busy to talk now but if they give me their home number i'll call them later. After a short pause they put the phone down VERY quickly
Thank you Scoobysoo....I had literally had my fill of the calls from overseas. So I finally decided to take action. When I first started the initiative, I had spoken with the detective at the Met's fraud unit. He told me that particularly in the Asian call centres that they harvest bits of information from you, then pass it around to the other groups. Because labour is nothing, the only way to get them to remove your name is to literally cost them money. The silly people actually thought they had accumulated enough details and bank information that they could process an order. Finally, a battle that I won!

I hope it works for you....and for anyone else who thinks 'being firm and just saying no' will work, please, let me have your number....I have a special mobile phone offer for you!

I wish you every success

Fr Bill
but......these people have jobs to do...just like me i work in a call centre , which does do selling; car mot and services phoning current customers, easy option if u dont want marketing calls...dont give ur number out, when u register ur land line, be x directory, at the end of the day u get ur mortgage, car insurance and holidays cheaper cos u ringing a call centre and not going directly to the shop, bank or travel agent which is cheaper for them, so if ur happy enough to reap the rewards, you will have to put up with the hassell from it,

there is no need to be rude at all, all you have to say is '' thank you for calling me, but im not interested, thank you''

the person who strings them along by 'putting them through to john etc' is the worst of all
im sure in your line of work it would really **** u off if your clients were ********* all day long being idiots stringing u along in pretending they want to buy you clothes or have your insurance or imagine a hairdresser with the customer constantly changing his mind before they actually sit on the seat, when your about to make the first cut they run off laughing...its exactly the same!

although i actually do customer service follow up calls, so when i ring they think im trying to sell something, they start shouting at me, and i say it was just to check your happy with your car and to offer you a free valet, by which i take back the offer so they are left with nothin

bugger it...ill agree with u all...ill stop it
ill go on the dole........... scrounge uk! :)

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Stopping Unsolicited Calls

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