Delonghi catalytic gas heater

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Peppermint | 20:55 Sun 23rd Sep 2007 | How it Works
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Can anyone tell me why the pilot flame on my bottled gas heater is burning yellow and a slow rather than blue and fast as it should?
The gas connections seem to be all ok.


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a flame turns blue when oxygen is mixed with it so id guess that maybe theres a jet blocked? may need blowing(dont use a pin,itll damage the small hole)tor replacing.
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Thank you nathansphase - I guess that waiting for winter to come some dust may have blocked the jet, however, where would the oxygen come from? the pilot is directly connected to the butane bottle and there is a spark ignitor next to the pilot nozzle so I would guess that the tube on the other side is some sort of regulator - excuse my ignorance, Im a girl trying to cope with gas appliances - enough said!
Thats where my knowledge ends lol hopefully someone can answer you more but logically thinking it must be a lack of air problem.
Gas that burns with a yellow flame is not completely combusting, and is producing more carbon monoxide than it should do (instead of carbon dioxide). This is potentially dangerous and the cause of people dying through gas poisoning.
The oxygen comes from the air at the point where the gas ignites at the jet.
I can't explain why it doesn't work - sorry. But I don't believe you should be using it.
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Thank you builders mate,

Is the danger presented by mains gas appliances that give off carbon monoxide the same with my little portable butane bottled heater? Im rather worried now!

Perhaps it would be best if I phoned Delonghi to ask them why this is happening. I thought I would ask the answerbank folk first as you just know that Delonghi will tell me to take it to one of their servicers and �50 later you are halfway to buying a new heater! Thanks for the warning anyway.
Although the mains and bottled gases are different compositions, the products of the combustion that produce heat are similar in both cases - water vapour and carbon dioxide - plus other bits. So yes, its the same issue. All these types are burners should burn with a blue flame for best combustion.
Buildersmate is quite right peppermint, the chances of carbon dioxide poisoning and even death are just the same with bottled gas as with mains gas infact the same goes for anything that burns including wood, coal and oil fired appliances. It sounds like you have a blocked vitiation sensing device on the heater (oxy pilot ) and it needs servicing and checking out straight away, what is �50 compared to you're health risk. Please get it checked by a CORGI gasman with LPG qualifications on his card. this is for you're own good.
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Thank you gasman,

I guess there are a lot of people out there who didnt realise that the portable gas heater could pose a danger too. Im so glad you have all advised me of the danger. You are right - what cost to your life. I wont be using it until a corgi fitter has diadnosed and fixed the problem.
Many thanks again.

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Delonghi catalytic gas heater

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