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muchlovex | 10:24 Tue 18th Sep 2007 | How it Works
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I have spoken to the National Blood donation helpline as i would like to donate my platelets. (I have donated blood on 1 occassion.)

I was told that because I am a woman there is a law about women not being able to donate Platelets.

Has anyone esle heard about this?

I would really like to donate platelets in order to help people who have cancer as my mum died of cancer and needed platelets during her Chemo.

Thank you for any help given


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There is nothing on the National Blood Service website about not being able to donate platelets if you are a women, it is, however, quite a commitment and not everyone is suitable, see here
I am pretty sure that when I give blood, at least half of the people giving platelets along the other side of the room are women
Yes, women can and do donate platelets.
sorrt to sound stupid but what are platelets?
Have a look at the link in the first answer, it explains it all there
thanks pb
It's rubbish - women can and do donate - I do ...... but there are few women as generally our platelet count is not high enough - we can also carry anitbodies which prevent donation - did you ever go and do it?

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