volume not working on tv

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tigwig | 18:01 Fri 06th Jul 2007 | How it Works
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Hi, the volume on my tv has suddenly stopped working so there is no volume at all. It won't work through the remote control or on the tv itself. Does anyone know what this may be or how we can fix it?


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Are you sure it's not you hearing that's gone?
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Yes I am quite sure thank you now can you give me a serious answer or not?
Have you got anything plugged into the headphone socket?

On some tvs this automatically mutes the sound through the speakers.

Have you pressed the mute button?

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There is nothing plugged into the headset bit and no the mute button hasn't been pressed. The volume won't work at all even directly on the tv.
It is possible that the circuitry that operates the mute function has become faulty or the sound output stage has failed. Is it possible to turn mute on and off without use of the remote control?
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No you can't do this without the control
There are a couple of technical terms for your TV. One is knackered, and the other begins with F
do you get sound if you plug head phones in?
if not then it's a circuit board failure.if the head phones work it's prob a speaker failure. ( if stereo and both speakers inop then doubtful a speaker failure )
or if you have plugged head phones in before and then the sound died it may be the socket has stayed open when you removed the plug.
if head phones work you could try plugging a stand alone speaker (s) in the socket. as a quick/cheap fix.
Don't worry, your not missing much.
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Markja thanks for your advice I will have to try the headphones if I can find any. Dilligaf I may agree with your answer but my 3yr old daughter doesn't! She likes to watch the kids channels downstairs with Sky multiroom while we watch what we want upstairs! (We live in a 3 storey house) Just glad we have got another tv in the lounge as we'd be ******** without it we'd have to play board games instead!
Funny you should mention it but our two boys, now 29 & 32 (and now both parents ) remember board games we used to play with them when they were infants and appreciate the time we spent with them playing them.

Perhaps tv off once in a while?
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dilligaf, don't get me wrong my daughter doesn't watch tv all day long just for around 30 mins on a morning and up to an hour on an evening, we play plenty of games and go out etc, it's just that on an evening my husband usually watches tv upstairs while she watches her kids programmes and we have become very spoilt by this.
But that's not really the issue, my problem is now the tv isn't working, we can't afford to get it fixed and as it's 10 years old it probably is'nt worth it
My 2 year old has a habit of pushing things into our telly.......
Maybe there is something stuck in the headphone socket ?
If you are only watching on a digibox it could be that the scart plug has come slightly loose and needs pushing firmly into the socket

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volume not working on tv

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