The floating table table trick

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marianll | 13:04 Fri 18th May 2007 | How it Works
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There is a trick that illusionists and magicians do with a table as a prop. The table is specially made for the trick. The people are allowed to look underneath the table to make sure there are no special features that will make the table float. However the table does float before your eyes! I'd love to know the secret of this trick. If anyone knows please let me know. Thank you.


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Just finished reading the new Derren Brown book, and he reveals the secret behind it.

......and thats all your going to get out of me.
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AH HA! I bought Derren's book yesterday! I have it in front of me now. I havent read it all yet, only the first few pages. Thanks for letting me know!
Very clever the way it is done. So simple yet effective.
Tell me!!!
Seeing as how you all seem to know now, except funny girl, that doesn't seem fair....

When the table seems to floats byitself a bar is inserted into a hole in the side of the table through the curtain in the background and lifted by an assistant at the back.

A more impressive trick is when the illusionist appears to be pushing down on the table but is in fact lifting the table with eight wire loops that are hidden among the floral pattern of th cloth, having one finger through each loop.
thats an old method thats to throw you off the real method as if you watch properly it cant be done like that like david berglas and david copperfields method he dont even touch it and there no confederates
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The floating table table trick

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