living near electricity pylon

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nanscamp | 21:07 Fri 13th Apr 2007 | How it Works
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could there be any danger to your health from living near to an electricity pylon. Apart from climbing it or touching it!!


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Not Really,

There could be a danger from the magnetic field caused by the current being passed along the lines, however the electric companies are well aware of this and so the line is high enough to prevent this being a concern.

as long as the lines to the pylon are ok, i.e. not cut and laying on the floor in your garden you should reach a ripe old age regardless.
Yes especially with cancer. See this article:
Have lived near an electric pylon most of my life.

Without doubt I feel I am a different person when I am away from it. I believe the point about the effect of the magnetic field especially.

Remember once a TV engineer calling to our home. He spent 15 minutes just listening to the rattle 'n' hum of the pylon. 'Prefer you than me" living beside it, he said.

A small number of dogs living nearby each developed cancer.
Many cultures across the world have been using magnetic fields to heal and cure the bodys ailments for thousands of years.
Without knowing much about it, i would say the HAS to be some way it would affect a person. if not in general health maybe in a psycological sense, and this is much harder to study.
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thank you all for replying to my question. To clarify it I should explain that we have seen our dream home for sale with a paddock, complete with electricity pylon. As my husband has had cancer in the past we have to investigate all areas. I think we will continue to look around, probably regretting not buying this one, but never mind
In the 1970s there was a local doctor whom I knew quite well. He was a sensible, serious and level headed person. Some time after I left the area, he called at my home by chance as he was visiting every tenth house in the area. He asked if he could take readings of the electrical field. Apparently his research centred around electrical fields. Among other things, he had plotted suicides on a map and the bulk of them were broadly on the lines of high voltage lines.

I did not fully understand the technicaliities and have no idea whether his theory eventually amounted to anything.

I live on an estate next to a power station (one of the biggest in the U.K) where pylons run through the middle of the estate. A recent national poll found that residents on our estate live to the second highest national age in the UK.
went to a house with a pylon in the garden, the owners were o.k. but swore that if you took a fluorescent tube under the pylon on a damp misty night and held it above your head, holding the ends with your fingers, it would glow. would suggest not a healthy environment.
that is basic science for the tube to light up - you could also run a wire parallel to the electric lines and get free electric
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living near electricity pylon

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