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Barquentine | 13:55 Fri 16th Feb 2007 | How it Works
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How do I fix my basic office manual stapler? It's the simple sort that has a plastic runner thing on a sort of rail in the bottom bit where the staples go and a spring with a loop on each end. The spring has come out and I cannot figure what bits the loops attach to. The loops at each end of the spring seem to be at 90 degrees to each other. There is a sort of hook on the metallic thing in the 'lid' bit that goes up but the spring won't stay hooked onto that. I'm driving myself barmy trying to figure it out!


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You don't, you put the whole lot, bits and all in the bin and toddle off to Staples for a new one, far easier on the blood pressure.
One end of the spring attaches to a loop device on top of the "slide" that keeps the staples secure against the front, the other end goes through a slot in the top of the channel directily above the aforementioned attach point. The spring then goes around (up through then back down through) a slot. The device looks almost like a pulley. When it comes back down through the slot it fits against the bottom side of the channel snd extends to the rear of that channel where it attaches to another "loop" like the first one described. The last loop is at the hinged rear of the stapler. Best of luck! (No, I don't have anything better to do today)...
do staples sell staplers then boo
and as for clanad do you make a living owt of fixing staplers and you got one thing wrong there it is not a plastic runner thing it is a plastick runner ring so up yours smartie pants...
Better still, go to Asda and pay �1.97
Give it to a man.
That's not good advice.
Staplers hate me almost as much as photocopiers do!

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Stapler mechanism

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