Connecting a Freeview TV to a DVD Recorder

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How do I connect a DVD recorder to a Freeview TV so that I can tune the DVD to the TV and record freeview programmes


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hi bewildered,
i have not got a freeview tv,
but i would assume you connect it as follows.
connect a scart lead to the av1 scart socket
at the back of the t.v,
connect the other end to the av.1 socket on
the recorder.
connect your ariel to the ariel input on the
connect an r.f lead from recorder to ariel
input on t.v.
As the only freeview tuner you have is the one in your TV, you will only be able to record from whichever channel is currently select on the TV.

Set the DVD to record from its AV-in Socket. The TV must be switched on.

If you wish to record channels other than the one on the TV you will need to buy a separate freeview box, and record from that.

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Connecting a Freeview TV to a DVD Recorder

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