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Panic Button | 20:32 Thu 25th Jan 2007 | How it Works
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If I bet on a 10:1 and put �10 down how much does the bookie give me if I win?


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because u gt ur �100 winnings plus ur �10 bet back

did u not do ratio in maths at school
its a eleven pound if u bet 1pound
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So I get �110?
Yes - if you paid tax when the bet was placed.

10 x10 100

Plus your �10 bet.

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Might have known Gordon Brown would muscle in there somehow!
Betting Tax was abolished some years ago, no tax is payable on any winnings from any gambling, so you win �110 clear
I have had several discussions this week on the following, and would like to know for definite, [most older drivers tell me it doesn't happen]. Is it wrong to pour hot water onto an iced up car windscreen, some say it would cause it to crack, but 2 blokes who have done this for years tell me they know of no such events, so is it a myth?
ignore my question, posted incorrectly
Good heavens! I never knew that betting tax had been abolished.

That shows I am not a gambler!


Ignore all the people wandering around outside with boiling hot kettles - the heat from boiling water could cause your frozen windscreen to crack when the extreme temperatures meet.

From this site: html
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I don't like de-icer, it knackers your wiper blades.

I don't use a kettle of hot water, I take a large water bottle and fill it with mildly warm water. It doesn't crack your windscreen, and if you use enough it warms the screen enough for it not to re-freeze.

Whats this got to do with betting?
Bet you 10/1 it cracks lol.
it seems there is 2 forums on here and I have got an answer for both of them
Take you front windscreen out before you pour boiling water on it and that way it wont crack
and then next go up to a stranger and say to him will you take a bet of a tenner at odds of 10-1 that I have not got a front windscreen in my car, and when he takes that bet and tells you that you have not got a front windscreen in your car and of course you are right just see how much money he gives you and then you will get your answer to this quiestion dohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......
Wonder what the odds are on a white xmas this year oh god have I been racist by saying white will tb and co log onto this and give me an asbo
Answers on a postcard please.......
i like u knobbynonuts!!!!

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