potterton 100e boiler combi

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neilmel | 22:58 Mon 01st Jan 2007 | How it Works
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plumped in my boiler after movin it and cant get all rads hot 1 stays cold how many can it run ? can i put a inline pump in system to give it more presure?


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The problem is not the number of rads in the system. Either the cold rad has air in it (bleed it to remove air) or it is not balanced, meaning it's not getting its fair share of the hot water circulating around. If you plumbed in the boiler I would assume you know how to do this, post again if not. Contemplating inserting another pump in the CH system is not a good idea - it already has one..
Did I read this right you plumbed in you're own boiler after moving it...You must be a gasman then so why do you need advice ??? If not then you are either very nieave or just choose to ignore the law and safety of you're family, Friends and neighbours. i hope you have correctly sited the boiler the flue & terminal and carried out all the saftey checks & tests before comisioning. What was the burner pressure by the way ???

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potterton 100e boiler combi

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