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strozzi | 15:41 Sun 24th Aug 2003 | How it Works
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I am concerned by the recent outbreak of offensive & frivolous answers given on this site by a number of, apparently, new users. I find many of them unamusing, unhelpful and believe that they are to the detriment of an otherwise excellent site. If others share my view, or think that it is wildly wrong, I suggest that you email the site editor at; [email protected] And, yes, I do know that this is not a question.


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In a posting several days ago I replied to a similar question which was writen in a more general and less pontificating way.I say again that AB has room for good answers when required along with humour and wit when a question has been answered. If this site is only about "question A".."answer B", where is the fun element in users sharing a platform? In two or three weeks I feel that I am getting to know certain users a little which is nice.Some users are just plain daft and yes they should not be encouraged too much but to ask the Editor to ban them is not on. Please reconsider you thoughts on this strozzi and let me know what you think.
I stand by my last posting but it does not apply to blarneystone. He (doubt if user is a she) is messed up and wants banning.
I think the spirit of the site is about exchaning facts and opinions, but in a mutually respectful manner - abuse is not on, and offensive langaue is definitely not on - the offensive post from Blarneystone will be edited as soon as the AB Ed. sees it. I don't mind dissent, but I do abhore bad manners - just because we are a democracy doesn't mean you can shout "Fire!" in a crowded theatre. Nor does it mean you can swear at other users.
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You are getting the hang of it now blarneystone. Another answer that is not offensive, well done, keep it up.
I abhore repetition too, but the gremlins do it for you - sorry if it upsets you in any way.
blarneystone has been banned from the site and all his/ her contributions removed. Sorry to all who were offended by this user.
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I hold my hands up just the other day I replied to a question. get a life which was taken off for being offensive, when I think about it yes it was offensive not funny, I apologiesd on the same posting and was sorry. This is an excellent clean website that thousands of people including myself find very helpfull, so lets keep it that way and report any abusive or offensive postings.
Is this not supposed to be fun as well as educational?
I do not appreciate sarcasm, unless the question welcomes it, but do we not all have a sense of humour.
Non offensive obviously.

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Answerbank - Offensive & unhelpful anwers

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