Excessive usage of Dishwasher Salt

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almcd007 | 22:00 Sun 26th Nov 2006 | How it Works
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Does anyone know why my dishwasher has suddenly started using a bag of salt a week ?

I filled it up last Monday to the hilt, it's been used everyday for a week and now it's empty - the lights come on again and I've looked in the chamber and it's all gone. It used to use about 1 bag a month but it's gone mad !

Thanks in Advance.



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If you don't already do it try putting a bottle of dishwasher cleaner through it. Even if it doesn't fix the problem (and it's only a guess that it might) at least it's something cheap to try before summoning assistance.
Switch to 3 in 1 tablets (or 4 or 5 in 1) Then you won't have to put salt in. The salt is not used to soften the water it is used to flush out a water softening device. Sounds like it has malfunctioned in some way.
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Thanks Panic button but I have already found this link : al

Which partly reads:


Some 3-in-1 tablets contain an ingredient, which has a 'salt action', which also helps to improve cleaning, but NOTE this is not a substitute for adding salt to the water softener.

The salt action takes place in the cleaning chamber of the machine, but does not actually replenish the water softener. Research has shown that whilst 3-in-1 detergents do clean dishes effectively, their performance is improved by adding salt to the water softener reservoir.

We live in a very hard water area. Plus my tablet/powder receptacle does not shut with the 3/4/5 in ones.

There's nothing actually wrong with the cleaning - the dishes are fine - just unnaccepatble high usage of salt.

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Excessive usage of Dishwasher Salt

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