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strozzi | 12:02 Sat 12th Jul 2003 | How it Works
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I've often seen Answerbankers referring to the fact that when you ask a question a list of related topics is posted before you are asked if you still want to post your question. I have doubts about how this works. I've just asked a question about Moscow and was offered 3 related articles. They were 'things to do in London', 'things to do in Bilbao' and 'where is Riga'. Does this feature provide useful connections or is there a random element to it ?


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Hello strozzi - it isn't perfect and there are many 'matches' that don't make any sense but it does work sometimes. FYI it searches on the question title - hence suggestions when making the question to make the title as relevant as possible.

That's also why so many (for exaple) dale & nell questions get through when the the title is tv stars, celebrity or wedding instead of dale winton.
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Aaaah ! Thanks. Now I understand.

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