Where can I find an instruction manual for a Breitling watch online?

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clay25 | 22:10 Mon 09th Oct 2006 | How it Works
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I have just inherited a Breitling Emergency watch but I don't know how to use the various features. Does anyone know where I can find instructions online?


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I'd be surprised if you could, as anyone with a Brietling watch is unlikely to part with the manual, and Breitling themselves are paranoid (understandably) about rip-offs and fakes. I would suggest you visit your nearest Breitling retailer (you can get a list for your town from ).
You might also consider having the watch serviced and re-calibrated at the same time.

Here are some instructions:
The big hand tells you the minutes.
The little hand tells you the hours.
The hand moving a bit faster tells you the seconds.
The little knob on the side winds it up.

Is that any help?
You should be alright with those instructions i think.
Take no notice of gary baldy he probably hasn't moved on from a Mikey Mouse watch with the minutes past and minutes to marked on it. For those of us who have moved on and have watches such as a Breitling which have many other features on them as they are designed for pilots realize they are a bit more complicated. I'm afraid I cant help with instructions but do be carefull as I think this model emits a distress signal if the correct procedure is followed - you dont want to end up with the emergency services turning up thinking you plane has come down.
To add to what Jay70 said:
The distress signal is activated by removing the large cap and pulling out the aerial. If you do this to try it out the emergency services will charge you for coming to your rescue. Bit like calling the AA when you are not a member - only rather more expensive. Also you will have to return the watch to Breitling for resetting. Also expensive.
Are you being serious?
Your watch sends out a distress signal?
I apologise (sort of) for my silly answer earlier. I dont wear a watch and dont really 'get' these fancy watch thingys but a watch that sends out an emergency signal...........!
Jay is right - i think the last watch i owned had Snoopy hitting a tennis ball and thats about as sophsticated as it got.
Oh, come on gary baldy. James Bond's watch could cut steel bars, locate a submarine, get him into bed with a beautiful woman and also tell the time.
Yes, my Timex does that.
Hey there,
the instruction manual is not available on line due to Breitlings sensitivity, especially with the Emergency watch due to its transmitter etc. I own an Emergency and have the owners manual, unfortuantely I am offshore until the middle of January but if you can wait I am willing to scan the manual and mail it to you.
@ Phillanz77 any chane you still have that manual and willing to scan it? recently purchased emergency and have everything except manual and certificates. Was hoping to contact Breitling and get a new copy but looks like they will not sell me one. Great watch but dont know how to work it!?!

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Where can I find an instruction manual for a Breitling watch online?

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