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bekah | 15:57 Wed 27th Sep 2006 | How it Works
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I have a 10 year old Tag, that needs both a service and battery replacement, have been on the website and its c**p, does anybody know where to take it (tag specialist) Im in Cheshire, so nearest dealer would be great!!

Also any rough guides on the price?



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The c**p website list all of the UK retailers and the Service Centre in Manchester. vices/customer-service/index.lbl?c=78531441-61 BD-4C0B-9577-AB0C147018A3
should have bought a rolex
take it to any reputable jewellers, they will forward it to a specalist who will deal with it. you can expect to pay at least �25 just for the battery replacement.
Hi bekah.

I used to work for Ernest Jones and our sister store Leslie Davis had it's own in-house watch maker- he was fantastic!

If you go along to any Leslie Davis they can send it back to Tag for you, but a service can take up to six weeks, and usually does. It's been a couple of years since I worked there now, but at the time a service was over the �100 mark, plus the price of a battery- although all work is guaranteed. It's cheaper if you have it done with the watch specialist in store, however. I'm just not sure which stores have these guys now.

It is recommended that you should have it serviced every three to five years.

Good luck! :o) x

PS- u268642, all watches (including Rolexes!) need battery changes and regular servicing!
I brought a Tag recently from Ernst Jones where the salesman told me the replacement battery would cost �50 to replace,and I would be without my watch for 2 weeks.
I asked at a stall where they fix watches, cut keys etc �2.50 and thats waterproofed, ask around
google (Watches of Switzerland) there on king St m/c expensive but good, if your Tag worth it.
funnyley enough ive got a tag which is in for repair at the moment the 2000 series i took mine to beaverbrookes they send it to tag for you then tag deal with you direct mines havin a new clasp end spring and battery which is costin me 49 quid
funnyly enough i have a tag that is in for repair at the minute i took mine to beaverbrookes and they sent it to tag for me when they received it they dealt with me personally mines having a clasp end a new spring and a new battery which is costin me 49 quid.
and dont listen to the person who said u should of got a rolex,rolex are the best but tag is still a very close second plus they are cheaper
whiskysheri: Ive had a Rolex for 15 years and it has not had one service or battery change and it tells the time as good today as the day i got it
bekah, dont take anynotice of whiskeysheri, she/he was obviously on the earings counter!! My rolex does not have a battery!!!!

Although automatic and mechanical watches do not have batteries, it is best to follow the maintenance guidelines below for continued and long-lasting good use.

Automatic (self winding) watches rely on the movement of the arm to operate and do require some winding occasionally, even if you wear your watch on a daily basis. l

the above site may help

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Tag Heuer Battery Replacement

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