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strozzi | 22:26 Mon 02nd Jun 2003 | How it Works
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I have received a notice for excess parking from a local authority because the vehicle concerned is registered to me. The driver of the vehicle on the day of the alleged offence was a friend of mine from overseas. I have, as I am required to do, sent the drivers details back to the local authority. My friend has told me that he has no intention of paying the �60 charge. Can I be held liable for the penalty charge ?


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Fraid so - under the law, as the registered owner, you are responsible for fines issued on your vehicle. The court will not be remotely interested in any difficulties you my have with your 'friend' - such stories would prevent any fines ever being collected, even though in this case it is true. Pay up, and adjust your friendship accordingly.
andy is spot on, you're going to have to pay, my sympathies to you tho
No, you are not liable!! Even though you are the registered keeper, you were not the driver at the time of the offence. All you need to do is provide the details of the driver at the time of the offence and then it is up to the Council to pursue the matter. (Even if the driver is overseas!!)
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Now I'm none the wiser. Two say " liable " and one says " not liable ". Can anyone add to this please.
you're not liable if you're not the driver when it comes to things like speeing, these are criminal offences only the actual offender can be held liable. parking tickets are civil matters, the standards are lowere and so the person responsible for the car can be held liable as well as the offender, they will go for whoever they can get. it is worth appealing tho, even with this reason, as i am told that most appeals on parking tickets are allowed automatically because of the expense involved in investigation. whatever you do tho, dont ignore the ticket, you will end up with huge fees and bailiffs to contend with.

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Excess Parking Penalty -- Liability

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