3 way caravan fridge problem

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annemorg | 23:47 Sat 15th Jul 2006 | How it Works
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Fridge works on 240V but though gas is lit up and seems OK the fridge does not cool when powered by gas?


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My hubby , who used to repair and service caravans,might be able to help answer your q but wants more details.. what model is it and how old is it?
By the way he says he charges �30 per hour, is that ok( joke!)
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Fridge is an Electralux RM 275 in a 1989 Hymer 660 motorhome. Local Hymer dealer wants �185 for an hours work !!. I believe that possibly only the pilot flame is working and therefore could only be a blocked jet? which i hope i could clear myself.
Await your reply
OK, hubby says there is no pilot light so it won't be that. He will try and come up with possible probs plus solutions and will get back to you.
I do hope you don't have to resort to the Hymer agent at �185 for an hour's work, daylight robbery!
Has this type on our boat. Not sure why it works but we were told to turn the fridge over for a day to mix the gases in the pipes and it did work. ours did have a pilot light, very difficult to light as you had to lay on the floor on look through a peep hole to see it. Never did get as cold with the gas as on 12 or 240 volt. these fridges are obsolete now can no longer be fitted in boats.
From the notes I have on the RM122 fridge : -- 1) it must be almost perfectly level to work properly, 2) The burner flame must be perfectly blue, 3) the "chimney" through which the heat rises must have clean sides (mine has a spiral baffle that hangs down in the "chimney") 4) it takes quite a time for it to get cold with gas operation. I guess these items would apply to other models?
Hope this helps.
hi does anyone know how to remove the fridge from a caravan or know anything about fault finding as mine is not getting cold on any power source but i can hear it working on 240v i dont have fridge lectrics on car so no 12v and dont know how to try it on the gas how do you test the thermostats?

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3 way caravan fridge problem

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