Sponsoring an African Child - How?

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Mowbray | 13:27 Wed 28th Jun 2006 | How it Works
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Hello Guys,

Does anybody know of any reliable charities whereby I can donate money to help a poor African child have a better live. For example better education, living standards?

thanks in advance.


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Hi mowbray. Few options - Actionaid are one possible route, or see

Also Worldvision and Save the Children are bodies you could approach.

If you want to go to a specific project, the Scout Association in countries like Uganda and Kenya have their own programmes, and there are AIDS projects, orphan projects and even town specific projects that you can help.

If you have some thoughts about whether you want to help in one place or have funds used for 'general' sponsorship, I'd recommend a good bit of research through the web and then decide where your efforts you feel will be most benefit.

I personally would suggest you look at the smaller operations as they are the often the ones with lowest overheads (so more of the funds go to those needing help the most) and most contact with the people needing their help, though the bigger charities are of course of enormous help too.

Good for you . .
If you're interested in sponsoring a child i could give u a few links.

I was in Ghana last year and am sponsoring a boy who plays in a football academy out there,

If you want more information, let me know.

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Hello Nat,
thank you for your reply.

Yes, i would be grateful for me advise.

thanks again
p.s thanks also to nickmo for your advise too.
Well if you like football then its an even greater place to sponsor a child.

What i do is send out football shirts and clothes but the most important thing for me to do is remain in contact. I email them regulary and they email me. I wouldnt say my sponsorship was 'official' as of yet as i dont send out money regulary.

I'm in contact with 3 of the boys from the Academy simply due to a personal attachment when i was out there, however, if you go to the links below, you'll find out some information.

The kids and Ghanaian people in general are absolutely charming and lovely and it really is a beautiful place.

Look at these two websites for more information.

Any more questions and i'd be delighted to help.

Hope you find what you're looking for and its a great thing to do.x
Question Author
Thank you for your information Nat'.

I will look into this more.

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Sponsoring an African Child - How?

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