Two cables from the box for sky + hd ??

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sense4all | 02:32 Mon 24th Apr 2006 | How it Works
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A couple of weeks ago I asked what cable to buy and was given the answer ta, however reading another post about sky it has been suggested that there is a need for two cables, is this right? as my wooden floor is going to be installed this week, and I would like to pre install the cabling under said floor before box for high def. sky is delivered in a couple of weeks. This is the other question. chnology/Question221070.html

Thanks in advance for any help given!


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One from the dish to the box and one from the box to the TV?
the answer to your question depends if you already have sky installed.

Sky + boxes do require two cables, if you are having a brand new installation, (no sky previously), then the engineers have cables with dual cores, hence the need for only one physical cable, if you already have sky, or you cant only get hold of single core cable then you will have to run 2 cables as the box has 2 'tuners' enabling you to watch one channel and record another or record two channels.

hope this answers your question.
wasnt aware of a dual core cable being used for newer does this work for the 2 plugs that would be required at either end,especially the dish(outside) end ?

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Two cables from the box for sky + hd ??

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