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ermadea | 00:01 Mon 24th Apr 2006 | How it Works
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Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if it is possible to edit out intros on cds, before the vocals start, Some songs have 1or 2 minutes of intros, and it gets on my nerves and takes up space, I want to do this before ripping cds to computer for mp3 player. Can it be done or is it a copyright issue. I am on windows xp home, use windows media player. I used to do it on cassettes, so it was easy, but Iam stumped at how I can achieve it now. any help much appreciated.


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If you google "Wave Editor" you will find loads of them - some free, some cheap, and some quite the opposite. You can rip a file from a CD, chop out any chunks you don't like, fade in/out, etc.

You can't edit them on the CD, but you can edit them while they're one your PC before they go onto your MP3 player.

I'd try Audacity for one of the best (and also free!) single channel wave editors. It's fairly easy to pick up, and will let you chop off the first two minutes and fade in after that.

If you're concerned about space on your MP3 player you could try ripping to a low bitrate (lower 'resolution' of sound, if you will, resulting in smaller file sizes) to conserve space.

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Thanks rojash, had a look at some programmes for "Wave Editor", but I should have said because I have so many cds, I need a wma editor, Thanks also tomd I think I will have a look at audacity, I have ripped them at a low bitrate, but I just hate long intros, I feel it's artists trying to eke out time by putting in a long intro, saves them writing more lyrics, but Im a lyric person, and I want to listen to lyrics, not some long drawn out intro, but there are some good exceptions I do like as intros, Thanks both of you for your help, knowing me I wont be able to fathom how to edit anyway, but I'll give it a go, nothing ventured, bla bla bla........erm

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Editing Intros

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