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marycat | 19:48 Sun 23rd Apr 2006 | How it Works
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want to beef up my .22 co2 air-rifle who can do this for me or any info on this please.


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If you beef it up too much, you will need a firearms certificate for it, unless things have changed.

take it to a gun shop and they will tell you what options you have
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normanthedog they would also tell me at the gunshop that i can't have it to powerful which is why i' asking here many thank's Tom
The chances are your rifle is just below the limit for a firearms licence anyway. So as I understand you, if your rifle is capable of more power, you are actually looking to make and own an illegal firearm or are you are going to get a firearms licence for it first? This is important because you may be commiting a criminal offence unless you get proper advice from the gun shop about the safe maximum power limits and stick to it. If it is over the limit they should be able to supply the parts... when you've got your licence.

marycat, the legal power limit in the UK is 12lb/ft

if you intend to take the rifle over that limit, you will need a FIRE ARMS CERTIFICATE. dont want to p*** on your parade, but what you are intending to do is (in the eyes of the law) exactly the same as owning a full power bullet gun !!!

there are a few air gunning forums if you look for them, but i honestly dont think anyone will give you detailed information in them.

12lb/ft is plenty enough for most people, me included. enjoy what you have before the laws are canged again, we may need to register ALL air guns if what im reading is true !

12lb per foot is nothing. A strong breeze blows harder.
The 12 ft lb thing is irrelevant. As the gun is powered by gas cartridges (i'm guessing this as it's described as co2) it is a prohibited weapon and automatically illegal.

Fountain, it depends what type of gas cartridge it is. It's only the self-contained gas cartridge system that is banned like the '*******' system. This is because it can easily be converted to live ammunition. The type that is banned is here.

The legal limit for an air-rifle is 12 lb/ft but you have to remember that the grain (weight) of the pellet can affect whether your air-rifle can go over this limit. This means that if your rifle is close to the limit you have to be careful which pellets you use because it can easily go over the limit with the wrong pellet and a firearms certificate (FAC) will be required. A chronograph will record the exact lb/ft your rifle is capable of.

In your other post you mentioned that you wanted to kill rats/rabbits. A decent air-rifle just within the legal limit is adequate as long as you're a good shot and within a suitable distance from the target.

If you still want a higher output then you'll require a FAC.

And the ******* is Broc0ck system

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