Immersion Heaters

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ATB_roo | 16:11 Sun 19th Mar 2006 | How it Works
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How do Immersion Heaters work? And what are the safecty precautions?


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Immersion heaters work exactly the same as an electric kettle.

There is at least one element inside that heats the water, controlled by a thermostat to make sure the water doesn't get too hot or boil away.

Here's a good link:

The safety precautions concern the wiring and thermostat, but this is not something the average householder worries about.
Modern British immersion heaters require a limit thermostat in case the normal temperature control fails and continues to boil the water. They can be fitted to vented or unvented water cylinders with the appropriate installation.
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Thanks very much for the quick replies Ethal and stanleyman. The link has proved very useful :)
Hey ruth stop cheating on your homework

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Immersion Heaters

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