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peanut | 18:53 Mon 16th Jan 2006 | How it Works
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every time i try to make a copy of a copy (dvd), i get all kinds of errors. ive tried using dvd shrink, dvd decrypter, sonic record now, pinnicle instant copy and get an error every time. i have tried more than one dvd too and get the same results. p p please help. what am i missing?


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What sort of errors are you getting?

Have you tried just ripping the VOB files to remove the copyright data? (not that I'm advocating piracy!).

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the dvd has already been decrypted and copied, but im trying to make a copy of the copy.
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Read errors.

Two possibly issues, either you need to try a different DVD disc format, i.e. DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW as not all DVD players read both.

Alternatively, I would still RIP out the VOB files and drop them into Nero for burning.

Are you intending to play them only on a DVD player or will be using them on another computer, PDA, PSP etc?

If so try a free one-click program like Auto Gordian Knot:

and convert to another format.

Try burning the copy at less than 4x faster than that can cause problems with cheap media.


try dvdshrink to encode the dvd then dvdsanta to copy the files to dvd

e mail me if you want

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Your DVD laser and the source disc need to be spotlessly clean - the smallest speck of dust can give a read error, even though the disc may playback without problem. Run a lens cleaner disc through your re-writer, and wipe/wash the disc with a proprietory cleaning fluid.

I believe there is a program that will skip bad files, but I've not tried it myself. Maybe someone can enlighten...

I had the same problem so i converted the VOB files to mpeg and put them on vcd instead

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