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ilovemarkb | 17:12 Wed 06th Jul 2022 | How it Works
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If a staff member has been paid for 37.5 hrs a week since mid Nov 2021 to now but should of been 30hrs per wk so overpayed approx 240 hrs at 16.12 an much does he pay bk? Confused by Gross and net pay plus tax and national i surance already paid......How do they work out the correct sum owed? Thanks


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Leaving aside a calculation - does he have to pay it back at all?
If the overpayment was a fault by the employer I don't know about the NHS but the Civil Service has "black book" procedures (kept under wraps) that allow for such overpayments to be written off.

Normally the employer will make the calculation and present it to the employee requesting they sign an agreement to repay.

My advice would be - don't sign anything and get your union rep involved.
Dave your information is out of date.
All overpayment is paid back and your disciplined if you don’t report the OP
Yes the money as to be rapaid. The tax depends on your allowances and ni too. Then there's pension
Suck your belly button in and pay what they say
and hope you arent asked: "you should have noticed this!"

it is quite a long time for - "oops have I ? I didnt notice"

well on the info it is £3868 gross so that would be £3094 nett and I have to say I dont have an idea of NI and pension. And it seems harsh ( oh and you straddle a tax year, I have no idea what happens to your P60).. harsh, to say if you are going to worry about £5 here and exact pay there, then check your pay every month as most staff do....
Assuming the most common tax code of 1257L, he was being paid roughly as follows each month:
Gross pay = £2620
Tax = £315
NI = £238
Net = £2067

However he should have been getting paid thus:
Gross pay = £2096
Tax = £210
NI = £169
Net = £1717

Therefore the excess amount that he was being paid each month was £2067 - £1717 = £350.

There have been approx 7½ months during which the overpayments were occurring, so the amount to be repaid is approx 7.5 x £350 = £2,625

You should only be required to repay the amount of overpayment that you actually received. It is down to your employer to make arrangements for the recovery of tax and National Insurance.

calc above on the figures you gave

sorry I dont have much sympathy
whenever I was overpaid, i worried about being accused fo fraud.....we live in different worlds
well there you are - - two opinions
so it likely to be something in between

your union must have coped with this before - ask them
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Thanks guys for calculations. didnt think about pension and student loan as well as tax and nat ins Tax code is 1363M

In my case the employee was transferred from a shift job to a day job but continued to receive the shift allowance. He (wrongly) assumed that he was being paid on a "mark time" basis until the pay in his new job caught up with the old. He was asked to repay but the overpayment was later written off.

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Overpayed Nhs

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