Who Do I Need To Fix My Tv?

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barry1010 | 09:00 Fri 01st Jul 2022 | How it Works
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I retuned my Sony Android tv last night because it told me to. Now the picture on every channel is pixelated, breaking up and the sound distorted. It is showing a 'weak signal'. It has been working perfectly for years and the picture and sound are great when watching through my Virgin box.
I have tried everything within my limited capabilities including re-retuning. Do I need a TV repair person or an aerial person?


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Is the virgin box through a HDMI cable? Check the cables are fully pushed in.

It's difficult to ascertain how you are using the TV. Is it the channels on the TV that are blurred or is it also from a direct input?

Also, is your Ariel still ok?
Have you completely turned it off and on again? Unplug at the wall socket for 10 seconds, and then turn on again.
Have you tried re-tuning again? It sounds as if the TV has not found your normal transmitter and has tuned to the channels from a different, weaker, transmitter.
If the TV works fine with a good feed I would think it's the aerial (or the connection(s) to it that are faulty.

(I get some pixelation or drop out of some stations but not all during certain weather conditions - high pressure. Not much I can do as it's a communal aerial.)
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No problem with the Virgin box. It is when Virgin is turned off and I am using the digital aerial that I have the problem (my oldsters insist on reading the news on teletext which has to be through the aerial).

Aerial isn't very old, still in place on the roof, firmly connected. So it is when I am accessing digital Freeview through the aerial, not Virgin, that the screen and sound is distorted
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Etch, I am thinking it has picked up the wrong transmitter. I can't find a way to change it on this tv. Flipping frustrating.
Yes, I have unplugged it for 5 minutes, no improvement.
There should be some way, usually under 'Settings' (or whatever Sony call it), to see which channels and frequencies the TV is using, and then you can compare them with the details of your 'normal' transmitter. Have you tried a re-tune/re-scan today?
Try a retune again.

Does it give you a progress when tuning - eg. does it list the channels it finds? If so look and see what is says next to them - on one of my TVs it lists the area - so it could be picking up a different transmitter.

Try this

Then search to see if there are any issues with your transmitter

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I have rescanned today, no improvement. It tells me how many channels it is finding but no other information, just a progress bar.

I shall delve deeper in to the settings
after the scan does it not tell you which transmitter it's using?

& then check if it's the recommended one for your postcode.
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No, it doesn't tell me, dave
Barry, I would also be interested in any answers. I retuned my TV and it now tells me that BBC 1 and 2 are invalid channels and on many of the other channels the picture breaks up. I’ve tried retuning a few times but the result is always the same!
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Hope we both get sorted, Milo
barry, have you had any storms ? Could your dish have moved out of position?
sounds like a weak signal, you could try a signal booster.
I'd get in the aerial man in, as your tv isn't broken, it's the signal through the aerial that's giving you problems. Good luck Barry. Hope you get it sorted.
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Thanks all
It says 'weak signal' & that's what I think it is. I get that & pixilated pictures when there is a storm around.
The aerial man sounds like a good direction to go
I got the weak signal message at one time, and it turned out to be a poor connection between the wall and TV.
Check the lead and connectors are in good condition, and try a different lead if you have one.

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