Over 75S Free Tv License

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pastafreak | 19:20 Fri 24th Jun 2022 | How it Works
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Is it necessary to apply, or will it happen automatically.
I started the application, went off to find paperwork...copies of which are required...only to find I need to start all over again. I'm really not in the mood for faffing around.


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I seem to remember we just didn't renew when FIL qualified?
You need to apply because TV Licensing don't have details of everyone's age on their files and neither do they have details of who is, or isn't, in receipt of Pension Credit.
We paid ours in full. You can get it free if you are on pension credit.
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Oh damn...
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That's what I'm asking about andres.
Ahh right rules changed I forgot sorry.. It was a long time ago for FIL
If you don't want to do it online, you should be able to do it over the phone: 0300 790 6117
(Calls to 0300 numbers are charged at exactly the same rate as to those on 01 or 02 numbers, from both landlines and mobiles. So, if you've got spare 'included minutes' on your mobile phone, the call will be free).
Was there a time when everyone over 75 got a free license?
you need it looks like an income under £10 000 p a
otherwise ya pay !
Think it was 80 Sandy?
sando - 2000-2020
( 4.5 m apparentlly)
I don't have a TV now but I'm still getting menacing letters from the licensing people.
Just file them in the bin Sandy
>>> Was there a time when everyone over 75 got a free license?

Up until the end of July 2020, Sandy, the Government paid the licence fee for everyone over 75 years of age. (So the BBC got their money, irrespective of the ages of those watching).

Then the Government told the BBC that they'd no longer pay for those licences and that it was up to the BBC as to whether to just let those over 75 watch for free, to make them all pay for a licence or find a mid-way path.

The BBC decided that it couldn't afford such a massive loss of revenue but that it didn't want to hit the poorest in society either. So they said that those people over 75 who're also in receipt of pension credit can get a free licence but everyone else will have to pay.
TV licences for the over-75s were free from November 2000 until the end of July 2020. From 1 August 2020, free licences have only been available to people aged over-75 who are in receipt of Pension Credit.
You forgot to mention that not long before the government passed the financial burden to the BBC, Boris promised that the free licence was safe, Buenchico. Yah, boo, hiss to that man.
Sorry Chris, cross posted
Cheers, pasta. My old neighbour/mate is still paying his licence fee despite being over 75 + pension credit.
(probably, I'm ashamed to say, because I told him they'd scrapped the free ones)
I'll tell him they changed the law last week. ;-)
What a player you are, Spicey ;)
Just tell him he can claim and he will be relieved no doubt.
Yes. I'd better pay more attention when dishing out advice in future.

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Over 75S Free Tv License

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