Tv Power Cable Has Loose Connection

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iloveglee | 16:31 Fri 03rd Jun 2022 | How it Works
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Can anyone help with how I can fix this problem. The power cable to my TV seems to have a loose connection, as it intermittently goes off and then comes on again, after a second or two. I think I know what's happened, it's a wall mounted TV and traction seems to have been applied to the flex when the TV is pulled out for watching (its on a bracket that puts into various different positions.

The problem is though, the power cable is not one of those that plugs into the mains, and then a tiny plug going into the TV. They're easy to replace. No, the cable goes directly into the TV.

Is this likely to be a diy job, or something rather more complicated. I've searched online but all the help videos seem to be when you have a plug in power cable at both ends. Having had a look at the back of the TV there doesn't seem to be any easy way into it.

Is this a new TV situation? Hope not, we only bought it about 18 months ago, sadly only with a one year guarantee. Any suggestions, links to videos, diagrams would be most welcome. Put this into the how it works section as wasn't sure if it would be covered under either TV or technology!!


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All the TVs we have owned have had a completely separate cable that plugs into the TV...make and model of your set may help.
take the plug out for several minutes and insert it again - it should be ok
^ if the cable is indeed damaged inside, how is unplugging it going to help?
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All the TV's we have had in the past also have had a separate power cable, which is easy, just get a new one!! I am only assuming there is a loose connection inside as there has been traction applied to the cable, it's not quite long enough to pull the TV out to its fullest extent and I just think it's been pulled a bit too much over time.

I just wondered how difficult it is to get inside the TV and possibly replace the cable, or get a new one and instal it. It doesn't seem very easy to do, and yet it's really quite a minor issue. Seems that this is a cheap way to have a power cable installed, but to be fair it wasn't that expensive a TV in the first place.

I can easily get an extension cable to lengthen the wire to it doesn't get pulled on, but it's possibly the damage is done already
It sounds like you do need to take the back off. There must be a way.

Try Googling, or searching on YouTube for how to do it.
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It does look like the back has to come off. Which will mean removing it from the bracket that holds it to the wall. A right job by the looks of it. Currently I have straightened out the cable, which had become a little bent over, and splinted it straight. The TV won't pull out to where we need it, so it looks like I might have to rig up some kind of extension.

I hate all the wiring that you need to have to connect your TV to the wall, if it's on a table you can hid it all behind. Unfortunately the shape of the room we have the TV in isn't conducive to a TV of this size. The wall is really only the place to have it. If the power cable was longer than it it wouldn't be an issue. I can't imagine why they're so short when so many people now have their TV's on the wall and have to plug them in at a distance.
Where does the power cable come from?
How can remove the back of the TV if it has a hard wired short cable?
Johnk, unplug it at wall socket, remove from wall bracket, lay TV face down and undo the screws that hold the back panel in place.
ilove says the cable doesn't plug into the mains so it can't be unplugged but must be hard wired into a fused outlet.
ilove, can you explain how your cable is connected to the mains.
I read this paragraph
'The problem is though, the power cable is not one of those that plugs into the mains, and then a tiny plug going into the TV. They're easy to replace. No, the cable goes directly into the TV.'
to mean that the cable is wired in to the TV, no plug tv end, but does have the usual three pin plug at the wall socket
the power cable is not one of those that plugs into the mains, this suggests to me that it isn't the usual socket and plug arrangement.
ilove can you explain.
Question Author
The power cable is hard wired into the TV. The other end is a regular 3 pin (UK) plug that plugs in and out of the main. The end of the cable to the mains plug is hard wired into the plug, unlike in the old days when you could open the plug and correct any wiring issue inside.

The problem is almost certainly at the TV end. I have changed where it plugs into the mains, and relieved the traction on it when the TV was pulled out. Hopefully this might improve things, but we will see.
What make and model?

Are you sure its hard-wired? I thought most modern tvs had plug in cables (either clover leaf, 8 or kettle connectors)
What the TV looks like with the case off is anyone's guess. If not confident ask an electrician or repair shop to look at it.
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It’s a hitachi. And it is 100% certainly hardwired into the tv. On a closer look it may be that where the cable goes into the tv has a little cover that may be removable without taking the whole back off.

Removing the traction from the cable and securing it in place with electrician tape seems to have improved the situation. Hopefully if we’re careful when we pull it out it may be ok. If not, calling a tv repair person may be the only option. Shoujd you be able to find such a person these days. People seem to throw things away when they go wrong

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Tv Power Cable Has Loose Connection

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