What Is The Purpose Of This Site?

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alien77 | 00:47 Wed 18th May 2022 | How it Works
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What is the purpose of this site?


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people ask questions; others answer them, hopefully politely.
In my opinion, it's primarily a source of factual information, in answer to questions like "Which airlines fly from Stansted to Prague?", "How do I roast my Christmas turkey?" and "What sentence might I get when my case comes up in court?".

However it also provides a forum for discussion on current affairs etc, as well as welcoming light-hearted banter within 'Chatterbank'.
Its a business. So its purpose is to get in advertising income and to do that it needs members...including tools & spammers but not so many that it put's off or drivesaway too many other members
Tools? I typed Trolls...
Has Alien 77 ever replied to any of their threads?
It's a question and answer site.
Only if the questions suit.
'alien77' has got the 'question' bit down to a pat. It's just the 'answer' bit he appears to have trouble with:-/
Give him some space man.
///What is the purpose of this site?///

1) Primarily to give you links to the Internet of which you could get yourself .
2) To give insults to your hated political policies and representatives.
3) To answer your crosswords for you.
4) To continue never ending pointless debates of which only two people have interests, mainly personal.
5) To be nice to people that your have little respect for.
And to ask inane medical advice from medics of dubious qualifications and backgrounds, even those who have been struck off....not sqad of course, our own Sir Lancelot Spratt of 'Doctor in the House' fame.
What Bobbin said. To make money from advertising.
Yes but no but yes! some of us don't see any advertising.

I firstly came here for a crossword answer & just got sucked in! Couple of years later with 1000s of answers & a few questions I'm still here.

As long as you don't go too far you can have a bit of fun with complete strangers.
alien77; Try here:

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What Is The Purpose Of This Site?

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