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shortpaul | 14:20 Mon 18th Apr 2022 | How it Works
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I made a big mistake getting a smart meter and not realising the control it gives your energy supplier over your supply. Anyway, the biggest issue I have at present is the amount of energy the electricity supply uses based on the money the PAYG takes overnite. Whilst with maybe three or four appliances being used during the day it may take some 60p-70p, between the hours of 10pm and 8am it appears to use double that amount with only two appliances using power (boiler and fridge). I realise the standing charge is taken overnite but that surely doesn't explain what's happening. Any ideas what's going on anyone?


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Your boiler is very expensive to run. How long is it on for?
I suspect you are spot on with your suggestion that the standing charge goes out overnight, causing this. The standing charges have recently been ramped up significantly.
Check that your immersion heater is switched off.
also, what control has it given your energy supplier?
i would also think that very few people have 2 appliances on overnight. do you unplug EVERYTHING before 10pm?
I would be very surprised if your bill is only 70p for the hours between 8am and 10pm
//I made a big mistake getting a smart meter and not realising the control it gives your energy supplier over your supply.//
Well you could turn it off if your worried about them cutting you off but am allways puzzled when people mention this, is there any evidence that there doing it and cant they cut you off anyway if they want to as long as they can access an old style meter?

I agree with the other comments about standing charge. Maybe your old meter was allso recording a similar reading but unless you looked in the cupboard and took night and morning readings you would'nt of noticed?
It was 10pm to 8am
bob, you can't turn the smart meter off - it supplies the readings to the energy company and measures your usage.
You can turn the in home display off but that doesn't affect the readings sent to the company.
You cannot (legally) turn off your meter. You can turn off your IHD - in home display - which shows you what your meter is recording and sending.
Apart from trying to use less and switch off when possible, I think having any sort of control over energy may have gone out of the window for good. Even changing from one company to another.

However I do wonder if the heating allowance is going to be reviewed, its been in the same old rut for years now. Anyone heard anything?
Turn off the smart meter and the energy company would know straight away - tampering with the meter is a criminal offence.
I'm with SSE and my standing charge for electricity is 48.53p per day. So with that added it would make appear to double.

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