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saintpeter48 | 12:30 Thu 14th Apr 2022 | How it Works
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My Brother HL-1212W has suddenly packed up and i need to get a new one, i've looked online but most places seem to be out of stock of this particular model, i would like the same as i've got a few ink cartridges still to use but not that important, if you can recommend anything similar it'll be much appreciated. I only print black and white, a few hundred sheets a week, for quiz purposes etc, thanks very much.


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I'd recommend a b & w laser printer. Mine was under £100 and doesn't use a fortune in ink, and doesn't make a mess, and doesn't need cleaning. It also doesn't scan, but I keep my old printer for that, as it doesn't require any ink just for scanning. My laser is a Samsung 2165W, but it's probably out of date now.
Argos has that model in stock but it is a laser printer and doesn't use ink cartridges.
You can buy it cheaper on eBay and
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barry, i looked at Argos but they say it is out of stock.
How odd, it is showing in stock for me. Maybe it is location that makes the difference.
That is an expensive printer, there are cheaper Brother laser printers available. It might be worth checking to see if your toners are compatible with cheaper models
Argos will usually list the stock in other stores.
I had a Ricoh b/w printer which was very reliable but it was a laser printer.
///My Brother HL-1212W ///
That's an unusual name your brother has.
That model appears to have been discontinued. However Brother sell their own products on their Amazon store and they've still got three available there: User Recommendation

It's also available at the same price on and without the £9 postage as well. However, although 93% of that company's reviews on TrustPilot rate it as 'excellent' or 'good', the remaining 7% rate it as 'bad'. I'd rather have the backing of Amazon's guarantee myself. If you want the OnBuy link though, it's here:

[Actually, having typed that out, I've remembered that OnBuy is a 'market place', rather than an actual seller, in a similar way to eBay or Amazon Marketplace. The reviews for the actual seller of that printer, Tech Essentials Ltd, generally seem to be quite impressive. So I'll leave it to you to decide where to buy from!]
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Thanks for that Buenchico, ive just tried to order it on Amazon like you said and they want to charge me £9 for deliver, I'm a Prime member, do you know why i don't get free delivery for this item?
The postage charge from Amazon is because it is not Amazon that is selling it - it is a third party marketplace seller, Tech & Toys by Faz. Their reviews aren't great
I assume that the reason that you can't get free delivery from Amazon is that Brother's 'store' on Amazon constitutes part of 'Amazon Marketplace':

If you go to my OnBuy link and click on 'Tech Essentials Limited' (a little way below the green 'Add to Basket' button), you'll see that the reviews for that company all seem to be very impressive. So, despite my slight reservations about OnBuy as a whole (which are only akin to having reservations about eBay as a whole, rather than about any individual seller there), you might wish to consider buying via OnBuy. [If in doubt, use a credit card, rather than a debit card, in order to be able to claim a refund from the card company if anything were to go wrong].
I don't know where you live but Argos definitely has that printer available for 'click and collect' at Sainsbury's, Newcastle Under Lyme
Well-spotted, Barry!

Things get extremely complicated when manufacturers place their own 'shops' on Amazon but then allow third party vendors to sell through those shops! However you still have the backing of Amazon's guarantee if you buy from such an Amazon Marketplace vendor anyway.
Argos are notorious for advertising products on their website that are only available in a handful of their stores, Barry! I spent ages tracking down an item I wanted to buy from Argos on behalf of a friend about 18 months ago but I finally located it in a store that was in a town that I quite fancied drive to anyway. (Coincidentally, that was also a monochrome Brother laser printer that seemed to getting discontinued).

I'm in Suffolk but, according to the Argos website, the nearest store to me with that printer in stock is in Staines. (Argos says that it's about 85 miles from me but that's as the crow flies. It would actually involve driving 120 miles each way for me to buy one of those printers).

Why Argos can't use their delivery system to collect up all of their 'short stock' items from across the country and return them to a central warehouse, so that they can then be ordered online from anywhere in the country, is totally beyond me!
I find it bizarre, Buen.
Argos stock-keeping system is flaky - I've turned up at a store to collect a purchased item and they've been unable to find it !
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I've just checked Argos again and its telling me its out of stock, I live in Hampshire.
There's none in Berkshire Argos.
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Failing that particular Brother model, I don't mind any decent printer, only for one sided black and white printing, if it used the TN 1050 cartridge that would be a bonus as i have already 6 of them.

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