Turning Off The Gass

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roadman | 12:54 Fri 21st Jan 2022 | How it Works
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hi please help me if i turn off the gass mains to my house kind of thing then will this affect my boiler

i want to turn my gas off then put the hob on until the flame goes out to make sure its all gone then i want to swap my oven for a new one then pop the gas back on

scared this will turn of an ignition flame in my boiler but not even sure my boiler has one either so what are your thoughts please


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Get a qualified gas engineer to do it.
you shouldn't do this - it may be illegal. Get a gas safe registered gas fitter.
Don't you have an ignition button on the boiler to reignite the flame?
Turning off the gas will put out the boiler pilot light and any pilot light burning for a gas fire. It will need to be reignited. No problem relighting pilot lights as long as the thermocouple is not old and fails when it cools down. Then the pilot lights will not stay on. Always have a spare thermocouple in the house.
i would take danny's advice and ignore any further suggestions
Really - that's illegal ?

When we go on holiday we turn off the gas by the lever on the meter
most modern boilers don't have pilot lights - if you don't know even the basics maybe you should leave well alone.
If this "New" oven has never been commisioned properly by a qualified gas engineer and causes damage or injury then whoever piped it in is held responsible. Can be a big fine or jail. You are allowed to reignite a pilot light as the consumer.
//When we go on holiday we turn off the gas by the lever on the meter//

That's not making alterations tho' - breaking & making joints etc.
Question Author
will get a gas person out then thank you all
Question Author
the problem is i want to take the old oven out to clean behind it and stuff before a gas person comes round and judges the mess behind there
they will have seen worse!
//That's not making alterations tho' - breaking & making joints etc.

Right - i didn't read that bit

//i want to swap my oven for a new one then pop the gas back on//

I assume we are talking about a built in stand alone oven
BA for Danny
yes it will turn off your pilot light

BUT turn off gas fiddle fiddle turn back on
You MUST purge/flush the system before lighting XYZ with your trusty WW2 zippo lighter . to avoid blowing up the whole town

(no the last bit is untrue) but the air gas mizture in the pipes can be explosive

[learnt that from my Ladybird little gasman book]
I would have thought there was a inline gas valve on you're cooker to turn off without isolating the house completely. But like others have said its not wise to mess with gas at all.
no gasman
can you tell us where roadman
and we public minded ABers can march around the town with red flags on The Day
Teeps - ( eek dont sneak on me to the naming police)
there are non return valves - - - BUT

My gasman rang me (voice quaking) and said - your gas pipes have water non return valves in them......

and I squealed- the closing pressure of gas non return valve is around 2 cm water and the closing pressure for water cd be an atm or two so the change can be rated as dangerous in all circs

and he said - how you know dat - closing pressures an dat?
I think he added - foo!
and I said - my trusty lady bird book of gas engineering....

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Turning Off The Gass

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