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catswhiskas | 13:30 Fri 14th Jan 2022 | How it Works
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We have Freeview, just returned from holiday and find there is a problem in our area, that it has gone off and we cannot retune, lots of people in the north east affected, any body know why ? Last night we managed to watch Pointless and an episode of Heartbeat then it went off again, still not on now, if you Google it they admit that it is down, but don't say why or when it will be back, ideas please


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Pop down to the pub. It'll probably come back on as you're pulling your coats on.
I think there's a few NEeners on AB. They'll explain all. (unless they're on Sky)
There is a problem in the SE too. Due to new mobile masts
If the people that run the service can't give any further details, it's a bit optimistic anybody on here can.
In these situations, you just have to accept what's happened....and wait.
Makes sense ginge.
...although, Buenchico will no doubt turn up later with a full explanation!
^do those links provide any information that the OP doesn't already know?
When it's up and running again , it'll no longer be free .

That's why it's down .
They are making adjustments to the above effect
Where did you get that from, Bazile? Does that only apply to those in the NE?
Barry - I was only being mischievous , sorry .

I'll go to the naughty step :-)
The UKfreetv website doesn't show any ongoing engineering works in the North-East (except possibly at the Wall transmitter in Northumberland - but that only serves 5,500 homes):

The BBC website is referring to the possibility of high atmospheric pressure adversely affecting the transmission of radio and TV signals:
That certainly seems to be the case around here, as reception of Classic FM on my car radio the other day was totally swamped by competing signals from France and Belgium. So the problems that you're experiencing might only be related to natural phenomena. (High pressure and/or high solar activity often cause disruption to radio and TV broadcasts for periods varying between a few hours and a few weeks. There's very little that can be done about it).

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